Can I get in to College?

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Re: Can I get in to College?

Unread postby Lax PV » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:29 am

souleman wrote:Something for you to consider. You can walk on (or get the chance to) a D1 school and work with the track team and the vaulters and never see the track or a locker for 4 years. On the other hand if you did jump 13 or 14 feet this year you could go to a DII or DIII school and jump next year. What would you rather do? Try to get on a team or be on a team. Big - 10 opening heights are 15' 8". At most schools in the big 10 you won't see the track till you're a 17 plus-er. From 11' 6" that's a long way to go. I've got a boy that I've been working with for the last 3 years that will probably be a 15 footer this year. He has opted for a Wisconsin State University. He won't get any scholarship money but he'll be competing for the team next year as a freshman and his degree will end up costing him less than if he would have gotten a partial scholarship at a DI or DII school. By no means am I telling you what I would have you do. That decision is yours to make. I just haven't seen what I've written so far on this thread so I thought I'd thow this out there.

ooooo.... what school in Wisco?? ;)

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Re: Can I get in to College?

Unread postby souleman » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:04 pm

UWRF. Aaron Decker is the coach. Great coach!

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