Belton Expo Explosion - 4 HS Girls at 13'+

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Re: Belton Expo Explosion - 4 HS Girls at 13'+

Unread postby Barber » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:45 pm

Thanks Jack,
Expo Explosion at Belton Texas was a blast!
And thanks to those who have posted videos of Shawn vaulting.
It's great to see the different angles and be able to sit back, enjoy, and process the next areas we need to focus on.
When I'm coaching, I'm looking at 100 different things all at once and trying to figure the one thing to say or show that will help.
Shawn was jumping on a 5m 5.75flex Altius Carbon pole holding at the top at the Belton meet.
At the Akron Pole Vault convention, he moved to his 5.10m Altius Carbon poles and moved his hand grip up to the top of the 5.10s to clear 18'1/2".
Here are a couple of other vid. links to the Belton Meet:
Have fun!
George Barber

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