Pole Vault Pit - UCS 1800 used $1500

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Pole Vault Pit - UCS 1800 used $1500

Unread postby pvcannon » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:13 pm

https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/spo/6519522475.html (pictures on craigslist).

I have a pole vault pit that is great for a backyard pit. The material/mesh on the front buns is cosmetically worn. But...the rest of the pit is in great shape. We stuffed as much extra foam as we possibly could into the back pads. This makes it a very functional pit that should be good for some time. You can see that we had a top pad specially made. This has thick foam in it and is only about a year old. This really gives the landing area a new feel to it. So other than the cosmetic challenges the pit has on the front buns...slanted areas...it is a very functional pit. We would be keeping this pit as our extra runway pit, but someone else is providing a pit that is a lot newer at a really good price. So we will pass on a really good deal to you. The replacement top pad alone was $2000. *not included with the pit are the standards and standard base covers. And there is no top cover.

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