used/damaged Pole Vault Pit For Sale - Sold as of 10/1

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used/damaged Pole Vault Pit For Sale - Sold as of 10/1

Unread postby 28sibley » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:27 pm

This is Mike Sibley, the Head Coach at Anderson County High School in Garnett, KS. A bad storm this summer picked up our pit and launched it 100 feet into a pump station. Damage: 1 of the back mats has the zipper torn out, 1 of the middle mats has a 5 foot tear on the bottom, the top mat is torn in several places and there are also several small holes in several of the mat pieces. The foam is all good, all straps are still good; everything is repairable. The Insurance company totaled them out and now our superintendent wants the old ones gone before we get the new ones. They are still usable as is, but I would not have continued to use them without professional repair as a school employee. These pits are "First to the Finish" Brand, I have been told that they were made by the same people in St. Louis that make pits for Gill. They are the same dimensions as the Gill G4 pits and are 32" in depth 21' 6" X 24'. the color is red with a gray top mat. These pits are only 3 seasons old and will give someone willing to repair them years of use. There is no weather cover - it was destroyed. You must come get them in Garnett, KS. Please email or call 785-448-3115 (high school during the day) 785-448-3400 (home at night) if you are interested. We will sell these to the first person who gives us a reasonable offer (feel free to low ball - he wants them gone ASAP) within the next few weeks.

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