opinions on box collars so far?

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Re: opinions on box collars so far?

Unread postby Vaultref » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:03 pm

drcurran wrote:I was able to put my measuring device on the edge of the box by compressing the collar a little. did not have to side the device between the front pad with the top pad / tongue rolled back. Don't know if I could have. I know the part of the collar that goes under the pads is pretty large. I'll check that out next week up at St. Lawrence in Canton, NY.

The collar casing material (the yellow part), seemed to be stiff.. very stiff. We could hardly compress it. I was told this was not the original casing.. Due to a change in labeling, a new yellow casing had to be sent with instructions to unzip the old one and put the innards into this new yellow casing.

Please let me know how you make out up at St. L. Try to use whatever measuring device they may have, especially if it is the UCS PV stick with the large lateral base. I'll not be back to this facility for two weeks.

I think it would have been a clever idea to have been able to design this rear portion to flip up so a measuring device could be easily placed behind the box.
I never meet a collar we couldn't easily place a device for measuring until this one.. :(

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Re: opinions on box collars so far?

Unread postby pv161 » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:50 pm

Our club has been using the new collar for a couple of weeks now with no issues at all. as a matter of fact out of 25 or so kids in the club only one has even mentioned that the box collar was different.
I have watched closely when we are doing small pole short run jumps with lots of bend and haven't seen a pole hit the collar or the pit.
As an official I am interested in how to measure the bar. I might make a light weight plug that would be level with the runway. you would have to measure in front of zero. don't think that will be a problem unless your standards don't come up that far.
All in all I have no problem with the collar except the cost and hopefully that will come down in the future

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Re: opinions on box collars so far?

Unread postby drcurran » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:05 pm

I think for the measuring issue for my device I will have with me a 1cm thick piece of hard wood which I can slip under the collar and stand my device on it to make the measurement. (Then I will just add the 1cm as part of the offset put into the laser)
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Re: opinions on box collars so far?

Unread postby Decamouse » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:08 am

Month plus of indoor season -- ASTM vote on withdrawing the std in late Feb. -- other than the dimensional issue than manufacturer knows they need to address -- are people using them -- and if so if no one is talking about them -- any issues must be minor (measurement being a pain)

Question -- is this a move forward - sideways - or backwards
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Re: opinions on box collars so far?

Unread postby Victory Sports » Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:27 pm

Saw a meet this weekend where the collar was impeding pole movement and no doubt caused vaulters to come up short.
Even saw it hang in front of the box about 1/2 inch.
This is due to the thickness at the back of the box, the incompatibility with most all pits and the possibility of shifting during the jumps.

4 inches thick at a test height of 10-12 feet is no more safe than someone falling from 15-18 feet.
Go back to the old collars, add the wings if you wish, but the design of this is inferior due to the cut out having to be placed so precisely around the box that if it is pushed up the collar will impede the pole, if it shifts back the cutout is too small.

And the fact that it is shifting and not compatible with all pits, will A) get vaulters hurt B) decrease performance.

what are other countries doing again? how many deaths accidents are there in other countries?
Why are safety standards increasing (the pit is bigger, the collar and front buns added) and accidents on the rise (more people getting hurt)...

A) lack of coaching, lack of coaching safety B) not everyone that gets hurt should have ever jumped anyway (see also A)

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