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Stay Dry Pole Sleeve

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:26 pm
by DLM
Hello my name is Dan McGuinn and I would like to introduce you to a new product that I developed. I call it the Stay Dry pole Sleeve. For any coach who has ever had to deal with rain or high humidity you know what it like to have to carry a bunch of your house towel around with you in order to keep the grip area dry and safe. Towels only work for a little while and then they themselves are soaked and no longer work. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have to deal with that a lot. This product solves that problem. It’s made of a waterproof outside layer and a super absorbent inside layer. The way it works is simple, you put the sleeve over your pole while you are waiting for your turn or your athletes turn, to keep the grip area dry, if the jumper is holding low on the pole the top can be opened to allow the sleeve to slide down lower on the pole. Then when it’s time for the jumper take their turn simply pull the sleeve off the pole and drop it on the ground, because it is water proof it will not absorb moisture off of the ground, when you are done with you jump simple put the sleeve back on the pole and the inside layer will absorb any moisture that happened to get on the grip area during their jump or from coming in contact with the wet ground or pit THANK YOU. If you have any questions contact me at