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A forum to discuss pole vault technique as it relates to beginning vaulters. If you have been jumping less than a year, this is the forum for you.

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pole choice

Unread postby Jay » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:21 pm

Yesterday i got a pr of 10 feet. I have been improving rapidly and look to maintain it. I was previously holding 11'6 (or so) on my 12' 150 pole. I moved my hand grip all the way up to the top and it improved my vault a foot (9 to 10) since last week. We have a 13' or 13'6 (cant remember exactly) 150 pole so im wondering if i should move up to that pole? I think it would be beneficial cause it would be stiffer since im bending the 12' 150 pretty good. And where should i be holding if i move up to the bigger pole? same spot as i am with the 12 footer?

Another question: ive asked this a couple times but no one has really answered me. I can clear 10 feet with literally nothing going right at the top of my vault. Their is just about no invert / turn and i know this can increase my vault. 10'6 is states and i really wanna get it this year. We have 8 or so meets left so im sure i can do i just want to do it fast.

pps: is their anyway possible i could hold at the top of the 13 foot? with holding at the top of the 12 footer i go well into the PLZ almost off it, what are factors that should go into deciding how high to hold?

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Re: pole choice

Unread postby drew » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:41 pm

The only time that you move up poles/grip is if and only if you are hitting the bar on the way up with the standards at 80cm. A 12' pole to a 13' foot pole is a huge jump in size that a lot of beginners don't realize. Being only a 10' jumper, technique is much more important to you than grip height or pole size.

With regards to your second question...if you have no top end, it is directly related to something (probably many things) that occur previously in the vault. Chances are your run/plant/takeoff need a lot of work, and fixing those will smooth out a lot of problems in the top half of the jump. Fixing things in the order they occur in the vault is your best chance at success.

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Re: pole choice

Unread postby souleman » Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:05 pm

Jay, Go to the last page of the next thread and read the discussion that Kirk and I have had regarding stiff poles and technique. You may be strong enough and athletic enough to get up on bigger (taller) poles for higher heights. The down side of this is if you don't work on technique and the basics of the pole vault you are going to reach a point where you'll hit a wall and you're jumps can turn unsafe. Each jump made with incorrect form goes into the brain and starts to feel right and therefore it is much harder to correct. Case in point, take a look at many of us masters vaulters who grew up with the tuck and shoot. We are having trouble moving to the Petrov model which if we (I) could do we'd all jump higher. Take a look at Gary Hunter masters M50 jumping 15 feet, Bubba Sparks M55 jumping 13 plus feet, and John Altendorf M60 jumping 13 plus feet (and probably before the end of the year beat his lifetime best).They have achieved this by being able to perform the modern jumping techniques. Take the time, especially if you are an underclassman to refine your technique. As to getting on the 13 or 13' 6" pole. Do it, but don't grab any higher on it than you are on the 12. The 13 will be stiffer and because of that it will require you to jump more correctly. Actually I'd like to see you get on a 12 X 160 or 12 X 165 if you have it. Gripping at the top of a 12 foot pole you should be able to make 11' 6". Keep that in mind. Good luck and keep working at it. Later...............Mike

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