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Unread postby K-Money$ » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:46 pm

I began pole vaulting in 7th grade, if that really counts as pole vault lol. My real vaulting career started in high school. That year ended on a high note when I made a PR of 8'6 at the final meet. The next year I consistently hit 8'6 and was close to 9' all year. Junior year did not go very well as I only made 8'6 once, I had a mental block for most of the beginning of the year because of using a raise runway during the offseason and then breaking my foot in the middle of the season didn't help either. Now senior year is coming up and I refuse to continue this pattern. I've worked hard this off season lifting and running. My biggest problem is being unable to get inverted on a bent pole along with keeping my left arm straight during the drive. All I want is to improve. I'm tired of staying stagnant. Any advice is welcome!

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Re: Flatline

Unread postby vquestpvc » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:31 pm

A problem you may be having is purposely trying to keep the left arm straight at take off; assuming you're bottom arm is your left arm. I'm assuming. You state that your biggest problem is not being able to invert. Well, if you are purposely pushing with the bottom hand, it will "block" you from inverting effectively. When you plant, both hands need to go high pushing the pole away from you. However, the bend in the pole comes from the top hand. As proof put the tip of your pole against a wall at the floor. Then raise the pole with your top hand only. Have a coach then attempt to lift the pole up at the middle. The pole will bend quite well with your feet remaining on the floor. With the bottom hand only (where you would normally hold) attempt the same thing. The difference will be very evident. When you plant and take off you want to do so with a stiff body, but hang more from the top hand. If you get the hands high and take off stiff the pole will flex moving forward into the pit; it may actually appear as if you pushed with the bottom arm, but don't. Continue then in to the leg whip into an inverted position. Easy, peasy...................with many reps. However, you need to perfect the take off; which is of course an extension of a good plant. Hope that can be of some help.

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Re: Flatline

Unread postby souleman » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:40 pm

Another thing to keep in mind is that with a 8' foot to 10 foot jump you won't have time to fully invert. It would be interesting to know where your grip is. For a 9 foot jump your grip should be somewhere around 10' 6". If it's higher than that then you're gripping too high and probably taking off way under. That combined with what Vquestpv pointed out is going to really screw up your jump. PLEASE do not try to bend the pole. If you hit your take off right the pole will bend on it's own. What I'd love to see you do is spend this entire preseason jumping on a pole that's about 30 to 40 pounds over your weight. (In other words, stiff pole vaulting). That way the basics of pole vaulting will be worked on without the bend covering up technical flaws. Keep at it and don't give up if you really want to do this event. Try to find some competent coaching where you live. Look for clubs or clinics in your area and take part. Good luck.

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