The need for a cardiovascular base

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Re: The need for a cardiovascular base

Unread postby IAmTheWalrus » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:31 pm

I don't understand this whole "but you need to be in really good shape for those really long meets" argument. Regardless of the importance or lack of importance for a cardiovascular base as it pertains to training, I don't see it really having a huge impact in a meet. I can understand needing to resist muscle fatigue and lactic acid buildup, but I don't think that this is synonymous with a cardiovascular base or fitness developed from such a base. It would seem to me that for those long meets the most important thing to have is a way to replenish electrolytes and take in some calories. I've been in long meets, one started around 4pm and went past midnight. I am not and was not in great cardiovascular shape (6 min miler), however I never felt winded or like I was hindered in any way, aside from being hungry (literally, I don't mean hungry for competition).

I agree with EIU on this 100%, and I think that a majority of people here are on the same page barring differences in nomenclature. I think the key to this whole thing is sustained activity, which I think can be largely agreed to be absent from pole vaulting. We can have long practices, long meets, tons of repetitions, but rarely do any of our activities (vaults, sprints, drill reps) last very long, nor should they. I think the whole point of this is that while fitness and conditioning are important to pole vaulters, it shouldn't be gained arbitrarily, and should instead be achieved in a manor that more closely simulates (in the case of pole runs, drills, and gymnastics) or benefits (in the case of sprints/pole runs, circuits, and HIIT a.k.a. High intensity interval training) pole vaulting. Those are my .02. I think this topic is particularly relevant at this time of year, so I thought I would resurrect it. Thoughts?

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Re: The need for a cardiovascular base

Unread postby altius » Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:52 pm

Second of all, YOU DON'T NEED A CARDIOVASCULAR BASE! Perhaps not for pole vaulting but it is handy if you want to stay alive! Had to put that in sorry its off topic but appropriate for me at the moment! :rose:
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