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Drills to help with my vault?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:34 am
by KiskiAreaPoleVaulter
I was wondering if there are any good drills to help me nail down some of my problems in the vault. I have trouble rowing and keeping the left leg straight. If there are any good drills please let me know. Thank you for your help!

Re: Drills to help with my vault?

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 5:06 am
by advath
The correct Biomechanical term for the shoulder action in the swing up is shoulder extension. The Pole Vault Swing Up Rack is the best most efficient training exercise to develop the hip flexor, abdominal and shoulder strength to make your swing long, strong and fast. The Pole Vault Swing Up Rack maintains resistance in the hip flexors, abs and shoulders throughout the swing up.
Watch "Pole Vault Swing Up Rack" on YouTube
Swing Up Rack drill

Re: Drills to help with my vault?

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:50 pm
by coachstark
PV Swing up rack is ideal for your shoulder extension, and would highly recommend!

In addition, two drills I use for my athletes that focus on your trail leg are:

1.) Approach pole runs with a mini hurdle 1-1.5ft from your take off step to help mentally focus on keeping your trail leg back. The goal is to take off aggressively, yet tap your back toe on the mini hurdle. Make sure you do not cheat yourself by not having an explosive take off just to make sure you hit the hurdle. Both should be dynamic.

2.) Similar to the swing up rack, place an aerobic ball (slightly deflated) in-between your legs as you work through the same inversion motion. It not only helps keep pressure on your trail leg, but also focuses on great separation as you initiate your swing.

Let me know if those help! Fly high!