Looking for an In-Season Training Program?

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Looking for an In-Season Training Program?

Unread postby FlPoleVaultAcademy » Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:41 pm

For all of the Vaulters looking for a training program to follow this year. Here is what some of the FPVA's best vaulters will be using:

In-Season Intermediate Pole Vault Training Program
Prepared for the Florida Pole Vault Academy by Bob Leidel

Monday – Speed
1. Full upper body strength/power workout (follow the FPVA in-season strength & conditioning program)
2. 50-100 Bubka’s
3. 15-25 Sliding box drills

Tuesday – Take Off Training
1. 10 Rope takeoffs
2. 5-10 Wall drills
3. 5-10 One arm drills or sand drills
4. 5-15 Short run takeoffs
5. 5-15 Long run takeoffs

Wednesday – Speed & Lower Body
1. 15-25 Sliding box drills
2. 2-5 sets short sprint workout (40-60-80-60-40 is one set) - half of the sets with chute
3. Full lower body strength/power workout (follow the FPVA in-season strength & conditioning program)

Thursday – Inversion Training
1. 5-10 Rope inversions – takeoff/rock back
2. 5-10 Rope Inversions – takeoff/rock back/punch up
3. 5-10 three step inversions – takeoff/rock back
4. 5-10 three step inversions – takeoff/rock back/punch up
5. 10-25 short run inversions
6. 50-100 Bubka’s

Friday – Stretching/Recovery/Injury Prevention and Gymnastics
1. Minimum 40 minutes SMR + Minimum 20 minutes Static Stretching
2. Gymnastics workout

Saturday – Full Vaults
1. Progress into full vaults quickly, just as you would in competition.
2. 10-20 Full Vaults with or without bungee (depending on need)
----- Special Note----- This day should focus on the first phase of your vault that is broken. In other words, if you have takeoff problems, you should not be working on your turn. Emphasis is on using correct technique through each phase, not on clearing bars or bungees. Use this day to correct technical problems, not shoot for certain heights.

Sunday – Full Rest

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