A short movie about Lavillenie

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Re: A short movie about Lavillenie

Unread postby VaultPurple » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:38 pm

dj wrote:hey

he is taking off wrong...

may be too far out... reach or no reach... for sure he has NO... UP impluse.. and that squashes the pole...

he will be lucky if he doesn't break numerious poles and doesn't get injured in the process....

i guess you could/would say he has "javoes" but a smater correct takeoff would go a long way in getting himclose to the world record...

just my 2 cents


Do you remember writing this dj?

dj wrote:good morning,

i wrote the following several weeks ago from another post about his technique..

but never got around to posting...

good morning,

love everything he is doing.... from the start, to grip, to pole carry.. etc..

look at the ones (one) where the speed, stride frequency, posture, the takeoff point, bar clearance “down the middle” and even where he hit at the yellow cone (6 step) compared to all jumps…. and you will find some one (and a coach) that is doing things extremely good.. as good as anyone ever...

there are NO "flaws' that can be attributed to athlete or coach…

So I would like to suggest we NOT help anyone put a “doubt” in this jumpers mind or his coaches minds.. they are on the right track.

personally I feel the “knee drop” double leg, tuck.. etc, Is/was created because of physics and pole design.

Nothing about this jumper needs to be criticized, changed or argued about.

All he and his coach needs to do is to tell everyone (the arm chair quarterbacks) to get the “Fudge” out of my face.. and use the right pole with the right grip and do all this eventually with a long run and at full speed.

the point i was trying to make is he is vaulting correctly..

but it seems we always want to take the "high speed' film and some "scientist' will tell him he is wrong.. creating doubt and unnecessary negatives.

this has been the case with almost every vaulter after and even during Bubka's time..

an example was with Tim Mack.. pole squashier!!! and his takeoff angle was to flat!!! i can tell you that Bubka bent the pole 30% or more on most of his good jumps.. and he had a flatter angle after takeoff on those jumps....
we seen to pick out something different than what the coach and athlete knows they should work on.. I guess we must do that to have something to say…

anyway… let this guy jump.. let his coach coach and hope that he stays on the right pole with the right grip…

I personally don’t think he should have gone up a pole for the 6.02.. if so it should have been a different pole.. Tim went from a 12.8 to a 12.6 … instead of a 12.4 .. he didn’t have the 12.6 before the games.. when a vaulter is at their best is when no change or a very, very small change of poles with no change in technique will make things happen correctly..


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Re: A short movie about Lavillenie

Unread postby polevaulter08nw » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:50 pm

good post :yes:

Renaud is fast, and does what he does to jump high. His mind set is awesome and he keeps winning. He will develop and most importantly it looks like he is always having fun...
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Re: A short movie about Lavillenie

Unread postby dj » Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:29 pm

hey VP

i believe i said all of that.. about the vaults we were seeing at the time...

and yes I was being an armchair QB.. he didn't have an "UP" impluse on that jump..and that was/is for teaching purposes for those on here.. as was the dropped knee.. he an his coach will figure things out without reading this..


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