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Rules and Regs

Unread postby drcurran » Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:48 pm

OK looking for some input here. We had our first officials meeting of the year (PIAA – PA Interscholastic Athletic Association) and our presenter was explaining info he received from the summer conference. It was explained that the National Fed. Sets up the order of events for a “contracted contest” and the state associations can adjust the order (which PIAA does – puts the open 400m before the 4 X 100 relay). But the individual leagues and or schools cannot adjust the order. So you arrive on site to officiate a meet between schools A and B and the home coaches tells you we run the 300IH first (because it is easier to get the hurdles set up before the meet), as the starter / official what are you to do? Do you officiate a meet which is not following the rules and regs? (Not asking if this rule makes sense or is “stupid” – we could discuss that forever, but rather what to do). Thanks for your input! (BTW it was mentioned that when something "bad" happens the first thing the lawyer is going to ask you is "MS. / Mr. Official why did you not follow the rules as set up by the Nat. Fed. and or the PIAA)
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