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Wear your PV Power shirt in Reno and win a prize!

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 4:47 pm
by rainbowgirl28
I will have prizes for the first 30 people who are wearing their Pole Vault Power t-shirts on Friday at the Pole Vault Summit next week.

You have to find me to collect your prize. I'm not hard to find.

The prizes are a surprise, but I am working on getting together a few things, so wear your shirt and see what you get!

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:34 am
by newPVer
are you gonna be selling them there?

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:47 am
by rainbowgirl28
newPVer wrote:are you gonna be selling them there?

I can't for various reasons, but you can order one ahead of time and pick it up there.

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 3:10 am
by rainbowgirl28
I am still working on the details of the prizes... I have commitments from Jan Johnson for some cool shirts and jackets (limited #, not every bag will have them), Rick Baggett for the Hip Pocket Guide to Coaching Pole Vaulting (a great little book), and some stickers from Gill. More to come!

Every bag will have some little Cliff bars and miscellaneous swag that was left over from some road races.

Oh yeah, and one lucky person will win a copy of Neo Vault: Bring It!

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:53 pm
by rainbowgirl28
Sean Brown has agreed to donate some stickers and DVDs and possibly a shirt or two. :D

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 4:13 pm
by Saraf's Mom
Becca, Can you bring a M t-shirt to Reno for me, You can give it to Adam

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 1:59 pm
by rainbowgirl28
The prizes keep getting sweeter... Mark Boede from In Flight Athletics dropped off some shirts and a hat last night...

I will be marking the shirts so that it is a limit of one prize bag per shirt (as opposed to multiple kids swapping a single shirt around).

Try to get online and check here tonight or tomorrow. As soon as I get my Friday schedule, I will try to give you all a clue of when and where I will be available (though it's so much more exciting if I make it a mystery scavenger hunt).

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:25 am
by rainbowgirl28
OK sorry for posting late, today has been insane and I just got checked into the proper room.

Some places I will be tomorrow that you can collect your prize (the earlier you see me, the better prize you will get)

- Room 460 between 7:45 and 8:30 am (THIS IS YOUR BEST SHOT FOR COOL PRIZES)

- I will be helping with the beginners group, maybe you can catch me right before or after the general assembly, or in whatever room we end up in.

- Right after the elite competition, I will be on stage, so come up there and find me.

Lots of people know my cell phone #, so if you are having trouble finding me just figure something out.

PLEASE come find me! I have a whole suitcase and then some full of prizes and I really want to give them all away.

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 3:54 pm
by Polevaultgirly16
My prize was AWESOME! thanks Becca... i miss you :) Can you send me your email over a myspace message so i can email you those picture?