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World class pole vaulters speak

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 6:30 pm
by Soar Like an Eagle
For those of you that are interested in the summit and/or participating go to Youtube chappellvideos for some excellent pole vault interviews/promotions for the event. Also, Steve Smith will be inducted into the hall of fame and if you have chance visit with him regarding the event. In 1972 he jumped 18’0” gripping 14’10” in the Olympic trials when the world record was 18’4.25” later broken by Bob Seagren 18’5.75” He later went on to break the world indoors seven times indoors with a best of 18’5” in Portland. In 1980 at the Olympic trials he jumped 18’2.5 after going to court to get his amateur status back so he could compete. Back then there were no professionals, only amateurs who could compete.