appendix 2 , is the russian ( p/b )model ideal?

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appendix 2 , is the russian ( p/b )model ideal?

Unread postby david bussabarger » Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:27 pm

The most important problem with the p/b model is that it is, in so many respects, disconnected from reality ( what is actually happening in the real world ).
1. as stated many times before, after extensive visual research the writer has been unable to find any examples of an elite male vaulter who successfully employs a pre-jump action. one poster on pvp claimed that a. eaton and s. feofanova utilized a pre-jump action. based on visual analysis of eaton's 17'-4" vault at the olympic trials and his 17' vault at the games, eaton took off out, but did not employ a pre-jump action. visual analysis of about a dozen of feofanova's vaults revealed no vaults utilizing a pre-jump action. So, at the very least, the pre-jump is more myth than reality.
2. although some elite male vaulters do employ a free take off action, it is relatively rare. note that because so many male elite vaulters utilize a pronounced stiff arming action during the take off, many of them begin bending the pole while they are on the ground inspite of taking off out. good examples of this are tarasov and hartwig. secondly, if you discount bubka as as single exception statistically, there is little or no empirical evidence ( real world evidence ) that ultiizing a free take off produces superior results.
3. advocates of the p/b model claim that taking off under is a flaw in execution because studies show it reduces take off velocity ( the farther under the take off the greater the velocity lose ). yet large numbers of 5.80m+ and at least seven 6m. vaulters typically take off under ( galfione, brits and ecker typically take off an extreme 18" under ). in addition several other 6m. vaulters occasionally successfully take off under ( this includes bubka who has even set w.r.s taking off under )
it is more or less universally recognized that the take off is the single most critical phase of the vault. how then, are so many vaulters achieving such outstanding results with such a critcal flaw in their take off?
4. p/b advocates claim that any vaulter who believes in and attempts to follow the p/b model is a "p/b vaulter". this means no matter how much the given vaulter's technique deviates from the b/p model, he/she is still a "p/b vaulter". this represents a hudge gap between reality and thought or intent.
5. p/b advocates claim that the vaulter should not tuck during the rock-back ( it represents flawed execution ). yet despite the fact that the p/b model has been around for at least 30 yrs and is widely followed by coaches and vaulters all over the world, the vast majotiy of elite male vaulters tuck during the rock-back.
6. as just stated, the p/b model is at least 30 yrs old. bubka's last w.r. has stood for 20 yrs. yet in all this time no one has come close to his record. with so many vaulters and coaches believing in and following this model for so long, if it really represented ideal technique then why has it failed to produce even one vaulter to seriously challenge or even break bubka's record? at best there has been only a single attempt by hooker that remotely challenged bubka's record.
7. in science when an idea conflicts with reality it is considered false. therefore, from a scientific point of view, the p/b model, is in many respects, based on false ideas.

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Re: appendix 2 , is the russian ( p/b )model ideal?

Unread postby VaultMarq26 » Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:18 pm

I feel like we are going in circles. David, you have told us,ad naseum, what is the incorrent way to vault. Please tell us the correct way. I have read a lot of critiques from you about the petrov model, yet very little insite from you as to what is good technique.
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