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Help with decathlete inverting please

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:35 pm
by CoachHonea
So this is my 3rd time posting this and hopefully it’s finally in the right spot.
Please review the above video. (Sorry for the slow motion, I don't know why it is or how to fix it).

This is 4.60, 4.50 is his PR. He is a decathlete and is on a 6 right approach, but has recently moved to 7. He’s a 6’4 172 on a 15'6-185. My thoughts and what we've been working on:
About a month prior to this video he had been blocking out with a low and stiff lead arm. I had him narrow his grip and work on taking off with his hands high and pushing up. A lot has improved, but he is still stuck and can't invert. I don't feel he leads strong enough with his chest to create a stretch and long swing. Seams almost like he just swings with his leg and not from his top he can never get in position before losing pressure and the pole releases. I almost feel like he could actually run from 8 strides and hold a 16-16'6 pole and have time for everything to come together "magically". But in reality, he is a decathlete and we don't have a lot of time each week AND only have 6 sessions and 2 competitions before Nationals.

Re: Help with decathlete inverting please

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:07 pm
by grandevaulter
I think the take off is good and there lies the ability to invert. He's got the package. Punch the hips up violently, don't look at the bar. The shoulders will drop if he let's them.