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PV Club - How to?

Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 11:30 am
by Gary_vaulter

I have been working with another coach for a few years, volunteer coaching area HS vaulters. He and I have long been searching for a building we can set up to vault in and it is possible we have finally found a space.
Problem is, now that we may have finally found one, we are now faced with the realization that neither of us knows how to handle the "business" of having a Club like this.

Insurance, collecting dues to pay rent/utilities/equipment and maybe paying a small coaching stipend ?
We are coaches not business guys :(

I was hoping that someone out there who is already running a polevault club like this could point me to a link that told you how to do this ... or at least share any advice on how to make it work.

"If we could only find a place to set up indoors" was always such a great dream ... but the reality is starting to seem a lot more complicated than just signing a lease. :confused: