UCS Spirit Pole Progression Question

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UCS Spirit Pole Progression Question

Unread postby PV2020 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:50 pm

For UCS poles they flex them like this:

If a 14'7 190 is a 15.8 flex, then a 15'1 180 that would be of equal stiffness gripping the same place would be a 15.8 as well. In summary if you grip 14' on a 14'7 15.8 flex and then you grip 14' on a 15'1 15.8 flex, they should be relatively the same.

They do the same thing with 15'7 to 16'1 poles. That is, if a 15'7 200 is a 15.8 then 16'1 195 would be a 15.8 as well (changes to about 10 pounds a foot rather than 20 pounds per foot in the smaller poles). So in summary here if you were to grip 15' on the 15'7 15.8 it would be relatively the same as gripping 15' on a 16'1 15.8 as well.

My question for you is this:

What is the direct flex conversion from the 15'1 poles to the 15'7 poles (or 13'1 to 13'7, or 14'1 to 14'7).

Our pole selection does not have a perfect series of flexes so it is somewhat hard to tell. That is instead of having smooth transitions by 1.0 flex some may be .6 different and be labeled 5 pounds different and some may be 1.4 different and be labeled 5 pounds different.

When I compared the difference in flex for the 13'1 to 13'7 and 14'1 to 14'7 poles I saw it was usually between 5.0 and 6.0 difference in flex. Meaning a 14'1 170 would be flexed 16.2 and a 14'7 160 would be flexed 22.2 (a difference of 6.0 in flex). However that was not always consistent and with some poles that were rated 10 pounds apart they were only 5.0 in flex different.

What do you think is the real conversion 5.0, 6.0? or something different?

If I am on a 15'1 15.8 and want to be on an equivalent 15'7 what should I get on? Is the equivalent 15'7 pole when gripping the same going to be a 20.8 or 21.8? Or is there not really any connection in flex when going from 15'1 poles to 15'7.

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