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Welcome to Pole Vault Power!

How high would you like to vault today?

Pole Vault Power Message Board - The best pole vaulting message board on the internet! Join over 4400 other pole vaulters and talk about your favorite sport.

Pole Vault Power Media - Pictures we have taken at meets.

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Twitter - Over 6,000 followers! Live tweets from major pole vault competitions plus ongoing coverage of pole vault, pole vaulters, and track and field governance issues.

Instagram - The latest photos from Pole Vault Power.

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Other Sites of Interest

NeoVault.com - A website with cool video clips, articles, and more.
Stabhochsprung.com - Video clips of the world's top vaulters.
FloTrack.com - The latest in Track and Field videos and interviews.
Universal Sports - Watch the latest European meets via the internet.
TrackandFieldNews.com - The ultimate track and field magazine.
Milesplit.US - Network of sites that cover track and field.
Dyestat.com - The internet home of high school track and field.
Athletic.net - Track stats, meet registration, and more!
Pole Vault Education Initiative - Coaching tips and articles.
USA Pole Vaulting - Dedicated to American Pole Vaulting.
Fly-Away Poles - Pole Vault Pole Shipping and Insurance


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