Lukyanenko murders woman in drunk driving crash

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Re: Lukyanenko murders woman in drunk driving crash

Unread postby rainbowgirl28 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:53 pm ... hizni.html

Sisters in Spirit

A resident of Slavyansk-on-Kuban Anna Klimenko, like no one else knows what true friendship. In August 2009,

Anna returned with friends poslesvadebnogo picnic car got into an accident. As a result - the funeral of the bride Ira Zametalin, Ani 11 transactions in the first year and a wheelchair. Alas, it is - a true companion Ani until now. 29-year-old girl did not feel my legs below the knee. The story of the never sent to court a criminal case in which appears the name of the prize-winner at the 2008 Olympics, pole vaulter Yevgeny Lukyanenko, widely known in the region, in the country. We will not retell it. What is more important: the tragedy of the former environment Ani remained close only a few people. Among them are Eugene Nezhenets - a neighbor on the porch.

- Eugene's younger than me, she was 26. We know each other two years, went to school together, went to school together. I confess that after the accident, did not want to live. Once at the hospital asked parents to send all cosmetics and clothes friend. I thought: Vegetables are useless. Zhenya supported inside ... She also seemed something snapped, so for me worried. Girlfriend completely changed the way of life, all the free time to devote to me. She came to the House to make up nails, pampered favorite seafood, and after discharge did not give discouraged long conversations, surprised pleasant trifles. For example, see the hairpin, similar to the one that I liked, buy it.

Jack and Annie's parents almost forced to go to the girl one of the resorts of Crimea. There Anya perk bought a red lipstick and decided to fight for themselves. Fighting has been going on for six years. It's hard - physically, mentally, financially - but the man does not give up. Near real friend - Eugene. But it is so important that when discouraged, someone said, "You can!"

- Now Jack is living in Krasnodar, working as an engineer. Despite his busy schedule, he calls me every day at lunchtime. I do not exaggerate every day! It is unlikely that many people can boast of such attention from the other. A recent federal channel filmed the story about me

The crew with all the equipment would not fit in our tiny apartment. Eugene found a way out: to give parents a house, itself, to take time off from work, I came to support me. And the situation in which she came to the rescue, not even count.

Finally, Anna said Zhenya says the family man. Sisters in Spirit!

- I'm so empty inside ... at times seems to make sense in nothing ... But get messages from strangers, calling or visiting Eugene, and I want to continue to fight. I would have to add up all the kind words most precious, jewel casket. Moral support is stronger than any medication. Thank you! I wish all of her friends.

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