We are so obsessed with bending the pole!

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We are so obsessed with bending the pole!

Unread postby Bruce Caldwell » Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:31 pm

We are so obsessed with bending the pole!
We are told to run as hard as we can drive the pole in the box and bend the pole??
Look at videos again folks the bending of the pole occurs in the swing!
If you feel you are holding too low and blowing through all the poles you have you might be on too long of a run than your abilty!

You are better off coming down the runway with maximum controllable speed with maybe 1-2 less lefts in order to transfer the run momentum into the swing which transfers to the pole!
It is right there in our faces we see girls using poles greater than their weight and boys struggling to do the same!
Girls center of mass is in the hips and guys is higher in the stomach!
Girls have a longer pendulum than guys so they have the ability to bend the pole in the swing better.
Guys can elongate their lever by using and creating a longer extension of the leg during the swing!
Let make it simple,
If you are not that experienced and you are holding low on the pole and not in the grip area maintain a stiff pole vault technique. Develop a good swing till you are able to get a wiggle out of the pole! Run down the runway with a run that is controllable plant the pole as high as you can get it! This means you must try and plant early and very high!
Take off the ground at or slightly under your top hand grip and create a slight hip drag with the non lead leg extended!
The goal is to transfer the energy and momentum of the run into the swing. Once you feel a wiggle out of the pole, continue to swing to get a bigger bend!
As you gain a larger bend in the pole move to stiffer pole maintaining the same grip, but store more momentum in the swing. You may press a little with the bottom arm to help but do not get wrapped up in this being your main means of bending the pole let the swing do it all!
As you progress the time to move the handgrip up and to a longer pole is only when you are on a pole 15 lbs over your weight and jumping above your handgrip!

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Re: We are so obsessed with bending the pole!

Unread postby 2-15-46 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:54 pm

Good one Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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