Lavillenie vs Bubka

This is a forum to discuss advanced pole vaulting techniques. If you are in high school you should probably not be posting or replying to topics here, but do read and learn.
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Re: Lavillenie vs Bubka

Unread postby altius » Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:31 pm

Ok - you can take your ball and go home if you want to - or we can continue this discussion with pms. Up to you. I am not going to post the thoughts I sent to Morrie on PVP but happy to share them with you. One reason for that is it is not what I agreed to with him and the other is that i was sending my humble opinion to a coach who really knows what he is doing -one of the best in the USA in taking young athletes to senior status. He knows where I am coming from and I know what he is trying to achieve so a lot does not need to be said.

But what we are dealing with here is the difference between information and wisdom. Yes you did a good job in five minutes - but sound analysis takes more than five minutes and drawing all the pieces together into a coherent picture that a coach can begin to work with is not so easy. This is why I recommend that a coach watches up to ten competition jumps before they rush in to give an athlete advice - the way many coaches do even when they have never seen an athlete before! It takes time to sort out symptom and cause. What is the one thing that is causing her to take off under and in the end is causing terrible positions during the initial swing into inversion - a position she gets of because as you rightly point out she has great body awareness and control. But you do not want to be relying on your ability to get out of bad positions - you must avoid getting into them in the first place.

Ok lets forget it and I will go off and finish my book on teaching soccer - been wanting to do that for thirty years; then get on with writing a replacement for BTB2 - I think I will call it "A dummies guide to pole vaulting" - unless that title is already taken. ;)
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Re: Lavillenie vs Bubka

Unread postby rainbowgirl28 » Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:53 pm


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