Super SL-MO vid

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Super SL-MO vid

Unread postby Hickman » Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:17 pm ... m/1207768/

HS Senior with a PR of 11'0"
Holding 11'4" on a 135lbs pole, Flex is 7.4
bungee at 10'6"
I know you can't see the run and pole drop but if it helps she ran the 110 Hurdles last week after a year off and posted a 17.2.
Pole drop is fine and smoth.
Plant is low and that puts her take off under, but what else do you see GOOD or BAD?
Give her some tips she reads and post on here all the time and is tired of listening to me :D .

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Re: Super SL-MO vid

Unread postby dougb » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:10 pm

Nice vault. She works really well on the pole.
In order to go higher she needs to get on bigger poles and hold higher.

"Plant is low and that puts her take off under, but what else do you see GOOD or BAD?"

Both arms are bent at take off and she gets too far in before loading the pole. Correct that and she will be able to use a longer run to move up on poles.

If she doesn't want to listlen, then there other things to do in this world besides vault.

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