Jan Wins Bronze in 1972 Olympics on Kirk's Catapole 550+

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Re: Jan Wins Bronze in 1972 Olympics on Kirk's Catapole 550+

Unread postby PV-ATL » Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:38 pm


That picture wasn't taken at the '72 Games. It was another meet altogether:

1. The boys jumped on the HJ apron thing that they have at European stadiums. You know lines on a big piece of Rekortan. No grass on the sides of the runway.
2. Check the back ground:
a. Guy laying on the grass
b. Guy in a T-shirt standing around.
c. The stadium angle and closeness.
d. The competition took place at night under lights. This is a daylight picture.
Even back then that would not happen at an Olympics. Officials had hats and coats. No one else was allowed on the field.
3. Lastly... 550+...? I don't think so. Not at that Olympics. Those guys were determined to break USA streaks... you know, PV and Basketball. Coincidence...?



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